“As flowing and intuitive as the modalities she interprets, Andrea Alchemy is a force alongside nature.” Her ability to bring intention to the connection of natural properties and those who interact with them daily is nothing less than essential. Andrea has dedicated her life to supporting and connecting people to their holistic empowerment. She has a relationship with water like no one you've ever met.


Following her near death and spiritual experience with water, Andrea has become known as " The Water Intuitive" & "Water Alchemist". She became an active member of the association for research of Enlightenment and dedicated herself full-time to Dharma and the teachings of Dr. Masaru Emoto. Her commitment to enriching her life and talents, as well as other’s, shines in her practice & leadership. As a trilingual interpreter, NLP practitioner, Master Usui Reiki Master Practicioner, her energy and manifestation work is highly sought after. Andrea offers her clients a safe environment to embody her trademarked Water Alchemy Academy programs, courses, cleansings/detoxes, and Bodhi Water products.

Andrea's mission to activate the hearts of humanity, promote peace, and higher consciousness are directly aligned with her title as Global Coherence Initiative Ambassador. Her dedication to versatility and fluidity has lead her to study at the Heart Math institute, a non-for-profit scientific foundation of the Heart Math system. Andrea’s comprehensive instruction is unique to the student and supported by over 20 years as an accredited sign language interpreter, and energy practitioner. She has interpreted for a multitude of high profile clients and establishments such as the U.N., which lends to her professionalism, grace, attention & respect to her client's individual needs and diverse backgrounds. 


She received accreditation from the School of Natural Health Sciences as a holistic health practitioner, and furthered her belief in health and healing as the creator of Bodhi Water products. Her kindness and sincerity are supported by her taking Refuge in Buddhism and Bodhisattva vows at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, that she strives to incorporate into her practice. Andrea is available year round for consultations, workshops, and individualized water reiki sessions, water blessings & baptisms. You will find her along the waterways of the Hudson Valley, attending Naga offerings, water healing meditations, and other holistic initiatives.

"If you take a moment & have a thought of gratitude before you eat, why not one before you drink?"