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Larimar is Here!! On Sale Now!! check out pix with prices !!

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Larimar FB live Friday 12pm EST.jpg

Bottled and Blessed in the Hudson Valley



Organic Lemon Water- our best seller- Made with Water for Wellbeing high vibrational Water and organic lemon juice. No Sugar, non GMO and absolutely delicious! This is GREAT for those looking to cleanse, or boost their immune system.




$10.........................32oz. Quart


$7.............................16oz. Bottle

To place an order, or book a private Intuitive Water Alchemy session

Please email: andrea@AndreaAlchemy.com or Call 845.594.9020

Sacred Waters


Bath in a bottle: $27

Beautiful 16 oz corked glass bottles of our signature BodhiH2O/ Water For Wellbeing with very concentrated certified Salt from the Dead Sea~ Dead Sea Salt is infamous for its pure, high mineral content and its ability to nurture and heal the body. Add this to your bath and enjoy the luxurious benefits of soaking in the Dead Sea. (one bottle is typically good for 2 baths)


 Blessing Spray: $18

8oz of beautiful high vibrational, & blessed cleansing water in a convenient spray bottle. This water is solarized and attuned with 528hz (solfeggio frequency of love) and 131hz (frequency of OM). It receives an infusion of prayers & blessings of  love and gratitude. It is nurtured with beautiful benevolent intentions that will shower You with high vibrational energy anytime you need a boost. This is also great before/after your meditations, ceremony, ritual or energy work. THIS is a Healers must have to super charge your sessions!

Manifesting Water Alchemy Tool Kit: $60

Includes: 1.Stainless Steel mesh dunker with Rose Quartz inside!

(perfect for structuring and infusing your drinks with love and gratitude)

2. Journal/pen- perfect for writing your goals/desires & documenting the unfolding of the manifestations 

3. The PERFECT glass bowl with blank cards for supercharging your manifestation work with ritual & extending the duration of the Waters

4. Larimar chips to ensure the energy of your work with water is healing and uplifting for the highest good. Also adds the element of Earth for balance

5. Small glass screwtop bottles & dropper to collect and extend your work with reverence for the Waters.

6. Sea Shell  with a personal message for You- to bring the energies of the Waters right into your home or space and it comes with a personal message on how to best start & incorporate Water into your own practice to super charge your abilities to manifest.

+ 3 blank cards with protocol to do Your best manifesting!

7. White candle- brings the element of fire to your ritual. Use this candle in your alter, or ritual to ignite your manifestations into being.

Private Sessions: 90 min for $150

What you'll get?

Personalized session with Andrea Alchemy.

Allow yourself to be honored with a mineral foot bath to cleanse, release what is no longer serving You. Relax and laydown on the Reiki table as we begin the energy work by spraying and cleansing your auric field with high vibrational Waters. Reiki healing and energy clearing with sacred sounds, tuning forks, Tibetan & crystal bowls to honor You. Finishing with personal, intuitive messages & choose an oracle card.

Take home a small jar of the Waters created just for You during our session. This will help you continue the energy work we started into the following days.